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One of the most neglected components of an application to graduate school is the statement of purpose. This is unfortunate because the statement of purpose is the primary way a school decides whether you are a good fit for their program – in other words whether you are accepted. The problem is that very few people spend the time and effort to craft a solid statement. Writing  the statement of purpose takes preparation, attention to detail, and a clearly delineated plan.

Use this information to your advantage – make you application stand out from the pack by building a statement of purpose that excites the application reviewers. In the course we cover:

  1. A four-week plan to go from a blank Word document to a successful statement
  2. A tailored approach to your situation and background, and the schools you are applying for
  3. The four components to a successful statement
  4. Specific (and common) mistakes to avoid
  5. Fun and engaging exercises to get you to a terrific statement of purpose

Interested? Check out the course here. Be sure to use the coupon code: Standout2015 to get $20- off. Plus, for a limited time, if you use this code, I will provide direct feedback on your statement of purpose**.
(**Due to conflict of interest I am unable to provide feedback on statements for students applying to the SFSU Clinical Psychology Master’s Program).


 (Coming Soon) Fix your Curriculum Vitae and Stand Out

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is NOT a résumé. This eCourse will fix your CV so it immediately conveys the important information to an application reviewer.

Studies have shown that most application reviewers spend mere seconds on a CV or résumé. Find out how to make those seconds count… This eCourse will cover:

  1. The basic components of a CV
  2. How a CV differs from a résumé
  3. Key phrases that distinguish solid CVs from mediocre ones
  4. A plan for your specific CV

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